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Digital night vision for hunting

Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
Digital night vision for hunting
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PVS-14 style digital night vision 

Night Vision is a precision electronic instrument used to observe the target in the night and twilight.

In order to meet in a very low light intensity, night vision with infrared irradiation light source, turn on the power switch, you can adjust its brightness by switching.

OP-168 is a day and night of night vision comes with infrared the irradiated light source.

Under bright and dim light it shows color lmages while black and white image in darkness.

OP-168 own infrared irradiation light source device,according to the use of environmental condition can be forced open or close, and may, according to  the environment light brightness manual regulation to need the best condition.

OP-168 patent?a key pass?design, a switch to use very simple, convenient, gently rotating, can open the night-vision goggles, slowly rotating, easy to adjust the radiation light source device.

Magnification: 2X

Objective: 28mm

Field of view: 6.4 degree 

Exit pupil diameter: 14mm

Eyes pot distance: 15mm

Vseibility regulating range: ±5°C

Minimum observation distance: 0.8mm

As far as the night viewing distance: >200m

Sensor: 1/4?CMOS

Horizontal resolution: 420lines

Display device: LED

Resolution: 330x224 pixel

Lighting device: 1R LED

Center wavelength: 850mm

Working voltage: DV 3V

Built in power: AA battery

Battery endurance: 1.5/2.5h (1R ON/1R OFF)

Switch: 1. The power switch 2. Infared illumination Brightness regulation 3.Forced switch infrared lighting.

Weight: 260g(without battery),310g(with battery)

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