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Binoculars,Fleldcopes & Night Vision

Brand: Canis Latrans Model: YOTO27-0021
Night visionCategoryItemParameter ValuesOptical PropertiesMagnification3×Objective diameterΦ32mmField of View8.35°×7.93°   Exit pupil14mmExit pupil diameter6mmParallax±5 SDIdentification ratio≦5.6″Min observation distance0.8mMax observation distance at night≧200mImaging DeviceSensor1/..
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Brand: Canis Latrans Model: YOTO27-0008
PVS-14 style digital night vision Night Vision is a precision electronic instrument used to observe the target in the night and twilight.In order to meet in a very low light intensity, night vision with infrared irradiation light source, turn on the power switch, you can adjust its brightness b..
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Model: YOTO-PVS-31
Manufacturer: FMAMaterial: nylonModel net weight: 225 gBox + model weight: 1.16 kgPackage include: 1.Just body  (not include ABS box)2.Just battery box  (not include ABS box)3.SET body + battery box + independent packaging ABS box..
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Brand: Canis Latrans Model: YOTO27-0031
Electronic magnification:1X-8XOptical multiple:1XField of view:21°×12°Objective lens:16.5mm (effective clear aperture)Monitor:0.4 inch LCOS LCD monitorDisplay resolution:1280×960Sensor:SONY IMX385 1/2 inchExit pupil distance:27mmWaterproof:IP67 levelMemory:8GB-128GB (capacity optional)External inter..
Ex Tax:$998.00
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