Finally got some time off this week to put together a quick review on a solid red dot sight RD-50 from AT3 Tactical

If you shop around for optics, you’ll see there are the Tier 1 red dot sights like Aimpoint, Trijicon, Eotech, Meprolight, mid levels like Holosun, Vortex, Sig Sauer, and the budget category has Bushnell and…who knows what else?

That was my exact dilemma in that I just wanted a reliable quality RDS that I could throw on a .22 and 5.56 without breaking the bank or breaking the optic. Bushnell was outdated, had mixed reviews on reliability, and all other RDS that I found had unhappy reviews or were suspiciously discontinued/out of stock (would love to hear of any other high quality/low cost RDS out there).

While shopping for AR parts I ended up on AT3’s website and found that their red dot sight RD-50 had all the specs I needed while under a three digit price. It was a brand new product, the initial reviews were great, and since then the number of positive reviews has scaled up. I know most of the people here are like me – we want to have optics on our guns that will work and won’t embarrass us performance-wise at the range but we don’t need every single optic to qualify for HD.

Shipping was hassle free. The box came with everything needed to mount it at the 1/3 cowitness. It came with the sight, battery, lens cover, lens cloth, detailed instructions, allen key, 1/3 riser, (and sticker lol).

Also – I’m not getting any kickbacks for this, but they are having a great Thanksgiving sale going on there now for anyone that is looking to build an AR.