Hunting season is just around the corner, have you thought about what brand to use for your gear? I think it's only practical to fit your purpose. Act now and find you a scope today that is priced right and of high quality to give you the results you want.

In the premise that we do not have a sufficient budget, looking for a high-quality product may be a problem, need to make a variety of product comparison and screening. So here, I recommend you a brand: vector optics, who makes excellent products at a reasonable price, if you doubt, please read the following details.

vector optics glass


This is a company from Shanghai, China, with a history of more than ten years. The main focus is on optoelectronics, in order to fit the market demand, the company takes low cost and high quality as the main purpose, we generally doubt the low cost and high quality products, which is the normal psychology of most people. However, in this case, vector optics uses commercial aluminum alloy for the production of optical components, and the quality of the glass they use is obvious to all, and there are already many users on youtube to evaluate and get approval. The mechanism is stable and reliable within the normal range of use, and will not be loose or even lose its zero degree due to frequent use.

Generally speaking, businessmen use cheap parts elements is very difficult to maintain the core components of the solid, or even shaking during the driving process leading to shaking loose, which is very to life. In addition, there will be some other conditions, these problems will slowly emerge in daily use. But the most common problem is the glass and mechanical structure of the problem, which is a direct impact on the use.

We have observed and used some high cost and poor brands, not specifically named here. These brands all have a common problem, that is, the poor quality of the glass, as well as poor light gathering. Through the scope to see things are zero point.


The most prominent place we see on the official website is the warranty regulations. Usually affordable things don't promise much of a warranty, and it's very limited. vector optics has a 5 year warranty. If there is a product problem or some human factor damage during the use, it is possible to get a brand new compensation. And there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, which adds another layer of trust to the brand.

As players have had the experience of just starting to play the time will choose the basic type of scope, what is called the basic type, is to provide you with normal use, but does not guarantee that in how long the range of time can be used normally, or in special circumstances (such as zero rain and humidity, subzero weather, etc.) whether you can under this use.

Of course, when you first start using them, the glass are crystal clear, but as time goes on, they start to blur or appear milky. Most importantly, they also don't hold zero very well or fit loosely on the rail.

The most important core component of a scope is the glass so that it can maintain zero, and vector optics does this. This is something that many budget, basic scopes have a hard time achieving.

This is just one of the strengths of vector optics, there are other standouts to be found in their relatively wide range of products, including every type of scope and magnification combination. This review is only focused on reviewing the optics of the scope above, besides the optics they also have the following types of products: AR and AK accessories, scope accessories, slings, cleaning accessories, pistol and laser scopes, etc.


No product is ideal, all have advantages and disadvantages, learning more about different products can avoid unnecessary disadvantages, which need to be combined with your use environment. vector optics has done a lot of aspects of optimization and effort in quality while keeping the price low, really craftsmanship. In the harshest weather conditions, they can hold their own with the competition, knowing that glass and mechanical parts are the essential core of a scope.

They did a good job with the mechanical parts, and they were above their competitors in the same price range in terms of glass. They also outperform the competition in terms of variety and selection, and their scopes offer more range of vision and stay zeroed in.


Taking the above analysis into account, I think vector optics is a brand that can be worth getting and is currently getting more attention from users in more countries. The general range of use, I think it is not necessary to go for the big brands, because the cost performance is reduced. Understand clearly a product and their own use of the environment, so as to choose a cost-effective brand which is the best choice, of course, money can be arbitrary. Nothing is more important than your needs and the scope of the situation, understand clearly vector optics you will be surprised by the harvest, you can choose the specific products you want through this store.


We all know that we spend a lot of time on accessories for our guns, if we can get a quality scope for a minimum amount of money, will we also have more money to buy other accessories? This I think you should know better than I do, so the economy scope is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The money saved can be used for travel, other hunting equipment, etc. I hope to give you the answer here and complete your perfect hunting journey.